A completely reasonable question arises on the town of Trogir. Is Trogir an island or it has been digging a canal separated from the surrounding mainland. There are no records on whether this was done or not. But all in all Trogir is located in the seafront between the mainland and the island of Ciovo, on the western entrance to the Kaštela Bay.

The position of Trogir itself was suitable for building a settlement on it. Therefore, this city is one of the eternal cities that have not emerged from necessity but rather from the need to build a settlement at the most suitable location for settling. But with the natural protection of the city, this place has always been perfect for life because of another fact. Around Trogir there is a fertile field around which the millennial history of this city revolves around.

Many archaeological researches have shown that man in this area has lived in prehistoric times. The remains of stone tools found over 45,000 years ago were found in the nearby cave. However, the settlement was founded by Greek colonists or merchants from the island of Vis. It is interesting that life at that time did not only take place in the city, but people lived in fields in the fields. So the Klaudy car on this area settled their war veterans into the villas that he had built specifically for them. What is certainly the most interesting from the history of Trogir is the fact that this is the first town in Europe that had its own pharmacy, which was opened in 1271

The Vizurom of Trogir dominates the cathedral of St. Lovre which is one of the most famous Trogir monuments. The whole core of the old town is listed on UNESCO’s list of world heritage as an example of a well-preserved Romanesque island town. The construction of the cathedral started in 1213 at the same place as the early Christian cathedral, which was also dedicated to St. Lovro. It is interesting that it took 376 years for complete construction, until 1589 the last floor of the bell tower was completed. The main entrance to the cathedral is known as the Radovan portal, which is also the most important medieval portal in the eastern Adriatic and this part of Europe.

The fortress Kamerlengo, which is a magnificent 15th century building, is located on the coast of the city, and its name was obtained by a treasurer who ran all financial affairs in agreement with the prince. Initially, there was only a polygonal tower, and today’s form is owed to the Venetians who have placed their own defense crew here. Not far from Fort Kamerlengo there is the St. The brand was also built in the 15th century for better defense of the Turkish army. Sometimes the fortress and the tower were connected to the defensive wall.

In the palace of Garagnin – Fanfona today is located a city museum where you can see collections depicting the political, cultural and artistic life of the city since its foundation until the 20th century.

Today, Trogir is a town that combines a wealth of history, beautiful beaches and the blue sea that surrounds it. Whether it is a day out or a longer vacation, Trogir is a city that should be found on the list of every world traveler.